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How many sessions are included?

6 sessions: The video portion lasts about 20-25 minutes and discussion time can last 30-45 minutes, depending on the time allotted. This study was designed for 60-minute or 90-minute sessions.

  • The Leader Guide gives helpful hints on running each session and makes it easy for the facilitator. Includes an outline, key terms, ice breaker ideas, easy-to-understand charts and diagrams, discussion questions, and answers to frequently asked questions
  • The Participant Guide is a key part of the study. It has the discussion questions, definitions, historical background, comparison charts, and maps. Most of the commonly-asked questions are answered in the Participant Guide.
  • Optional Question and Answer video segments (3-minute) can be used after Sessions 2-6.
  • If your group would like to study further and go deeper, there are optional PowerPoint slides that may be used by the facilitator to extend the study or to present the view of their own church or denomination.

Table of Contents for this Bible Prophecy Curriculum

The video portion of each session is 20-25 minutes. Each video session gives an easy-to-understand explanation, definition, and history of the topic or viewpoint. The discussion questions listed in the Four Views Leader Guide and Four Views Participants Guide give you enough information for another 30-45 minutes of discussion.

The Goal Of God’s Plan - 12 minutes
Theme: Keep your eyes on the right end.

Four Ways to End the World - 22 minutes
Theme: Learn to look for common ground.

Kingdom Already, Kingdom Not Yet - Amillennialism - 19 minutes
Theme: Because of the death and resurrection of Jesus, Satan is already defeated.

Building a Better World - Postmillennialism - 23 minutes
Theme: Never underestimate the power of the gospel!

Rapture Ready? - Dispensational Premillennialism - 18 minutes
Theme: Always be ready for the return of Jesus.

Through Tribulation to Everlasting Life - Historical Premillennialism - 24 minutes
Theme: God grows his people through trials and tribulations.

Timothy Paul Jones Author Biography

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones holds a bachelor's and master's degrees in biblical literature and pastoral ministry, and has earned a doctorate in educational leadership from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has received the Baker Book House Award for excellence in theological scholarship as well as the North American Professors of Christian Education Scholastic Recognition Award for his doctoral research in the field of spiritual formation.

Dr. Jones has written numerous books, including Christian History Made Easy (2010 Retailers Choice award-winner), Answers to The Da Vinci Code (Rose Publishing) and co-authored The Da Vinci Codebreaker (Bethany House), Dr. Jones has authored Prayers Jesus Prayed (Servant Publications), Praying Like the Jew, Jesus (Messianic Jewish Publications), Finding God in a Galaxy Far, Far Away (Multnomah Press), Hullabaloo: Reflections from the Intersection of Faith and Life (Cook Communications), and Misquoting Truth: A Guide to the Fallacies of Bart Ehrman's “Misquoting Jesus” (InterVarsity Press).

Nearly one-half million of his books and pamphlets are in print around the world, while Dr. Jones' articles have appeared in numerous magazines, including Discipleship Journal, Preaching, Biblical Illustrator, Perspectives in Religious Studies, Religious Education, Christian Education Journal and Bibliotheca Sacra. Dr. Jones has also contributed more than 200 entries to two popular reference works, Nelson's New Christian Dictionary and Nelson's Dictionary of Christianity (Thomas Nelson).

What perspective do the video sessions take on the end times?

This end-time prophecy study is factual overview of the four major viewpoints held by Christians over the past 2000 years. Each session includes simple definitions, historical background, explanation and discussion of supporting Scriptures, a timeline of each view’s popularity, and a focus on what we can gain from studying this perspective.

This study helps participants:

  • Obtain an objective understanding of the study of eschatology (the study of the end times)
  • Identify the essential truths Christians believe about the end of time
  • Gain perspective on varying viewpoints and biblical passages and identify what you can learn from them
  • Focus on Jesus as the goal of God’s plan when studying the last days

Reviews for "Four Views of the End Times" and Timothy Paul Jones


"As usual, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones makes it look easy to discuss the hard things. With Four Views of the End Times, Dr. Jones delivers a truly absorbing, Jesus-focused exploration of the book of Revelation--and our part in the days to come. This is the resource that every Christian should own--and share with friends, family, neighbors...everyone. Highly recommended."
Mike Nappa Author, The Prayer of Jesus and The Courage to be Christian


"Dr. Jones is a very good teacher. He stays on topic and shows many slides that add to the presentation. At the end of each session Jones answers one or two common questions about the topic covered in that session. He talks fast but he's easy to follow. The DVD is great for private or group study."
Randy Brown Bible Buyer Guide Blogger, (Received an advanced reader copy for review)

Can I Preview the Four Views of the End Times Video Before I purchase?

Click here to watch the complete first session of this DVD based study on your computer or to download samples of the leader and participant guides!

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